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Safety Management Systems

We develop and implement a variety of Safety Systems not limited to: Safety Management Plans, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS's) Safety Policies Safety Procedures, Safe Operating Processes (SOP's) Take 5's Just to name a few


Respiratory Fit testing

With Over 10 years’ experience in Respiratory fit testing, we here at Erker Safety ensure that your workers not only understand the whole process and get an accurate result but leave with confidence they have been shown how to use and are properly fitted to the correct Respiratory PPE to operative safety on your sites.  We utilise both Quantitative and Qualitative testing and help select the best option that suits our clients needs.


Toolbox Talks and Inductions

Toolbox Talks are a great way to get important information regarding safety to workers in a short amount of time.  We here at Erker Safety see this as one of the best ways to help drive a message home.  Whether it’s a Silica Awareness, manual handling, or a review of a recent incident to name a few.  We here at Erker Safety will facilitate the whole process.


Assistance in ISO Certification

With and ever-increasing requirement for companies to operate at a level above the minimum standards, more and more “Tenders” and “Clients” are requesting ISO Certification in usually one or all three of these areas.
ISO 9001 Quality Management System
ISO 45001 Safety Management Systems
ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
Erker Safety Systems have been tested time and time again and we have assisted several of our clients through this process.  We work with our clients to achieve their desired certification while still maintaining a system that makes sense to them and their workers.


Safety Audits

With every comprehensive safety system, it is critical to ensure the policies and procedures you implement are being followed. Audits are a pivotal part to any safety system and is why we conduct comprehensive audits on our client’s safety systems.  This includes their contractors systems as well as physical site inspections. All audits are accompanied by detailed reports with actions as required.


Erker Safety is a Townsville based Company servicing North Queensland and Palm Island. With a team of over 20 yrs of combined experience in the Safety Industry, we have serviced rural, mining, residential, commercial and industrial clients all over North Queensland. A major point of difference at Erker Safety is our strong focus on your workers, establishing an understanding initially helps in the development of any new safety processes. This allows us to not only provide systems that are compliant but also understood by your workforce giving a better end result. We assist PC's, Builders, Trade Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers and Manufacturers to create, maintain and submit safety related paperwork. We also audit over 700+ sub contractors each year in North Queensland while delivering 600+ Site Safety Inspections for our clients. We have a strong belief that if there is a simpler less litigious procedure that can be implemented, we will strive to find it.






Year Established

Clients Serviced Every Year

Construction Sites Audited Each Year

Trade Contractors Audited Each Year

Meet Our Leadership Team




Erker Safety has always been in the background throughout my career, helping business professionals I would meet and growing my knowledge base. Overwhelmed with support I now consult to several companies in the Townsville region.



Audits and Compliance

Linda has been with us since the beginning of Erker Safety; an integral part to our customers ongoing compliance. With 25yrs+ experience in the medical industry Linda brings an attention to detail that few can rival. Whether it’s helping achieve ISO certification, PQC compliance or a third party audit Linda always ensures our clients remain compliant and are aware of the systems we have put in place. Linda is the conduit between our clients and the audit process.

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Our Mission

At Erker Safety we believe safety can be done well. We strive to find proactive solutions to common problems while assisting a variety of companies maintain their safety requirements.


Director, TBZNQ

Whether it be site inspections or toolbox safety talks Jared provides a great insight into making our daily operations safe and efficient.


Director, AP Williams & Co.

Erker Safety has become a vital part of our safety protocol with the implementation and review of our Safety Management Procedures, Site Safety Inspections and Contractor Pre-qualification.

Director, Brashas Workshop

Erker Safety holds us accountable to our safety obligations through regular visits and on site contact.  This allows us to focus on our business while still maintaining a positive safety culture.




Contact Us


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please  fill out the following form, phone or email:


phone: (07) 44223878


To apply for a job with Erker Safety, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

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